“Wouldn’t you like an environment of unconditional love,
where you can be and discover your true self,
the very best of who you are,
without any judgement of the flaws or whatever goes wrong,
just to help you grow?”
— Rika Nell, Talent Director, Joe Public United
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Have you ever opened your mouth and wished you hadn’t?

Have you ever had words coming out your mouth that damage your career, your relationships, or your reputation?

If you haven’t, congratulations – this message is not for you! Most of us experience this, or another version of it, more often than we like.

You may be intrigued to know that responding differently from our intentions is not only normal, it can be changed, ensuring quality responses, no matter how much emotional stress you may be feeling from your boss, partner, children, or colleagues.

The true benefit of understanding your responses is being more in control of yourself, so that you can get the exact outcomes you desire in your career, your relationships, and your life.

Ian Hatton, creator of Morpheus Genius, will uncover what is driving your responses, in this live webinar on Wednesday 13 May. Join us by registering here:
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Morpheus Testimonial - Lesedi Dibakwane
Watch Lesedi describe his journey with Ian Hatton / Morpheus
Video - watch Ian speak
  • Are you tired of being pushed to be everything – except who you truly are? 
  • Do you know, accept, and love your unique essence – your individual weirdness? 

Morpheus Genius is the connection, freedom, and impact of living from your truest self

Watch this 10 minute excerpt from the Morpheus Genius keynote to learn more

What Is Morpheus Genius?

Mandla: ”Ian, you don’t solve people’s problems. What you do is empower people to live more freely, take more responsibility for who they are, enjoy more independence, and be more vulnerable. Empowering people to solve their own problems.”

Morpheus Genius Keynote

The Morpheus Genius Keynote is an inspiring and liberating look at how you can live and lead from your truest self. It can be delivered face to face or virtually in a lively and fun format. It challenges many preconceived ideas and assumptions that assault us. It argues the humanity, the science, and the success of discovering, accepting, and loving your unique essence. Take the red pill!

Morpheus Genius Disruptive

Morpheus Genius Disruptive

The Morpheus Genius Disruptive is a kick start to your leadership essence journey. It starts with a free webinar, followed by a month of structured journal reflections and facilitated online discussions. Optionally add coaching. “The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.” – Neil Gaiman

Morpheus Genius Experience

The Morpheus Genius Experience is a one year journey of discovering, accepting and learning to love your unique essence and purpose. It consists of: webinars, community discussions, and your own personalised journals. It’s about working through the three perspectives of becoming a conscious leader: Awaken, Method, and Impact. Optionally add the 3 day “who am I?” bootcamp.

Morpheus Genius Intensive

The Morpheus Genius Intensive is a personal deep dive into your unique leadership genius on a six day retreat at an exclusive destination. It consists of: inputs, discussions, small groups, one on ones, contemplation, journaling, and lots of fun. It’s an extended mastermind on living and leading from your truest self, becoming a conscious leader. Includes enrolment in all of the Morpheus Genius Experience.

Who is Ian Hatton?

Hi, I’m Ian, totally ian, Morpheus, the one who awakens dreams. 

You are unique. You have a unique contribution to make. A unique essence that is often ignored and suppressed. Most of us are asleep or in denial of our truest selves. We, like Neo, need to be awakened.

In awakening to live  from our truest selves we experience greater connection, freedom, and impact. Wouldn’t you love to be that conscious?

You know you have more inside you and those around you have untapped potential. You want more. You know it’s there. You want to liberate that latent potential.

Maybe you like so many of us are crying out for authenticity, imperfection, and heart. Tired of fake news, Instagram lives, and technique based leadership. You want something real. You want it from yourself and others want it from you.

What is the infinite and untapped potential of your essence?

Who knows how deep the rabbit hole will go…

Circle of Excellence Gold Member
MA Organisational Leadership
Master Training Facilitator
Chapter President & Professional Member


  • Ian is an authentic speaker, taking the audience on a journey from his opening to the close – bringing clarity on what actions you need to take. Whether you take the red or the blue pill is up to you – allow Morpheus to inspire your choice. I highly recommend Ian for your opening or closing conference keynote.

    Yoke Van Dam
    Leadership & Sales trainer, Emotional Intelligence, Presentation Skills trainer
  • “Ian has the innate ability to inspire people about anything he is involved in. Ian’s ability to get up on stage and connect with audiences, from small to stadium size, is a gift. His authenticity endears him to others.”

    Heather Third
    Owner at Rainbow Consulting
  • “Ian’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion were exceptional and inspirational. He was a positive and influential
    leader as he shared personal insights on leadership.”

    Senior Manager
  • I recently had the great privilege of being one of the organisers of a national convention at which Ian delivered his keynote, Morpheus in the Matrix. Ian’s down-to-earth manner, clarity, engaging professionalism and superior expertise are among the many reasons I highly recommend him as a Speaker and a Trainer.

    Hani du Toit
    Inclusion Specialist

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Morpheus Genius is a totally-ian product

Morpheus Genius is a totally-ian product